Zanac X Zanac is a shoot 'em up game released in 2001 by Compile for the PlayStation exclusively in Japan. It was Compile's last shooter game as well as their last game overall, after which they declared bankruptcy. This game includes a port of the original Zanac as well as a brand new game titled Zanac Neo.

Zanac ClassicEdit

The original Zanac version is available for play in three different modes: Disk Mode and ROM Mode, which are based on the diskette (Famicom Disk System) and cartridge (NES) versions of the game respectively, as well as a Special Mode which is a custom mode exclusive to this version, featuring higher difficulty and tweaked weapons. Also available is a Score Trial, where you select one between 16 stages and attempt to score as high as possible, and Edit Mode, which is unlocked after beating the game and allows the player to tweak the game for a custom challenge.

Zanac NeoEdit

Zanac Neo features the same gameplay from it's predecessor. New to this is the option to choose between three ships, each of it's own gameplay style and weaponry. The ship from the original Zanac can also be unlocked either by entering a code or having a save file from Zanac.


Humanity was just barely able to repulse the attack by the System bent on destroying the Earth. However, the battle was not over just yet. The System had used its long existence to multiply, and even though one System was destroyed, it was not long before another System took up the attack. That repeat battle has already been going on for 30 years.

Even though humanity has been holding off the System's attack, people are tired and exhausted. However, during the destruction of the System's core, a pilot discovered the escape of a unit with the ability to transmit data. The unit escaped successfully, but as a result of analyzing who the signals were transmitted to, it was discovered that a host computer higher than the System existed. The investigation, along with discovering the location of this higher System, was able to establish its true nature. As the System was originally made as one part, this could be called its parent. If this "Original System" could be destroyed, if it could be silenced, then the command hierarchy could be used to stop all other Systems, and finally the unending attack on the citizens of Earth could be ended.

There was a big problem. The specs of the original System far exceeded that of the other Systems. If they raised a hand against it, humanity would certainly become a target for this Original System. If they did not succeed on the first try, then it need not be said what the final outcome would be. Should they challenge it, or should they continue to endure? Faced with the slow decline of humankind, they decided to fight.

And now, the Zanac unit heads out to begin the final battle.

Characters and ShipsEdit

Stages and BossesEdit

0 Flash BackSystem Core
1 Star FleetHexapus
2 Satellite Base
3 Cloud Kingdom
4 Remains of an AncientKiller Eye
5 Storming Partynone
6 Blizzard
7 Hell's Gate
8 Mystic Space
9 Core of the SystemOriginal System

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