The Wing Lancer is the player ship from Rude Breaker. It is piloted by Byakki Senkouji.

Weaponry[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description Screenshots
V-icon.png Vulcan Shot Shoots concentrated fire to the front of the ship, gaining more spread as it is powered up. With the pods detached they fire independently from the ship. WingLancerVulcan1.png WingLancerVulcan2.png
L-icon.png Laser Shot Shoots a pair of lasers straight forward, becoming stronger as it is powered up. With the pods detached they begin circling around the ship, shielding it from damage while dropping small energy balls. WingLancerLaser1.png WingLancerLaser2.png
M-icon.png Missile Shot Shoots semi-homing missiles. With the pods detached they fire bombs to the sides which detonate after a certain range. WingLancerMissile1.png WingLancerMissile2.png
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