The VF-80286 Aleste (Aleste 2) is the player ship from Aleste 2.

Specs[edit | edit source]

  • Length: 16.7m
  • Wingspan: 10.31m
  • Height: 5.37m
  • Weight: 26.7f
  • Powerplant Green Mail: v/stol 2500kg
  • Maximum Speed M: 4.5
  • Cruising distance: 58000km
  • Practical rise limt: 28000m
  • Main armament: 30mm seal cluster gun
  • Crew: One person

Weaponry[edit | edit source]

Number Name Description Screenshot
Aleste2Icon0.png Beam Booster Powers up the ship's main weapon, giving it rapid fire. Aleste2BeamBooster.png
Aleste2Icon1.png Round Cutter Summons a energy cutter which spins in a circular motion in front of the ship. Creates more cutters which move in a figure eight pattern as it levels up. Aleste2RoundCutter.png
Aleste2Icon2.png Thunder Blast Shoots a energy ball which pierces enemies. Shoots more balls as it levels up. Aleste2ThunderBlast.png
Aleste2Icon3.png Laser Cannon Shoots a laser beam forwards which grows thicker and stronger as it levels up. Aleste2Laser.png
Aleste2Icon4.png Homing Truquer Shoots energy cutters which track down enemies. Shoots more cutters as it levels up. Aleste2HomeTruquer.png
Aleste2Icon5.png Mug Destroyer Shoots energy cutters which cover a wide area in front of the ship. Aleste2MugDestroyer.png
Aleste2Icon6.png Grab Bomber Shoots a energy ball which explodes in front of the ship. Shoots more balls as it levels up. Aleste2GrabBomber.png
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