The VF-80286 Aleste (Aleste 2) is the player ship from Aleste 2.


  • Length: 16.7m
  • Wingspan: 10.31m
  • Height: 5.37m
  • Weight: 26.7f
  • Powerplant Green Mail: v/stol 2500kg
  • Maximum Speed M: 4.5
  • Cruising distance: 58000km
  • Practical rise limt: 28000m
  • Main armament: 30mm seal cluster gun
  • Crew: One person


0 Beam BoosterPowers up the ship's main weapon, giving it rapid fire. Aleste2BeamBooster
1 Round CutterSummons a energy cutter which spins in a circular motion in front of the ship. Creates more cutters which move in a figure eight pattern as it levels up. Aleste2RoundCutter
2 Thunder BlastShoots a energy ball which pierces enemies. Shoots more balls as it levels up. Aleste2ThunderBlast
3 Laser CannonShoots a laser beam forwards which grows thicker and stronger as it levels up. Aleste2Laser
4 Homing TruquerShoots energy cutters which track down enemies. Shoots more cutters as it levels up. Aleste2HomeTruquer
5 Mug DestroyerShoots energy cutters which cover a wide area in front of the ship. Aleste2MugDestroyer
6 Grab BomberShoots a energy ball which explodes in front of the ship. Shoots more balls as it levels up. Aleste2GrabBomber
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