Ha! I knew you're the pilot! Want to know where he is? I'll send you to the same place! And Aleste will be mine!
~ Tetsu Kurogane

Tetsu Kurogane is a major antagonist from Robo Aleste.


Tetsu was a war orphan who was adopted by Garyosai, the master of the White Fang ninja clan. He was raised alongside Kage Okami, another war orphan, both of them being trained as ninjas and considering each other as brothers.

Though Tetsu was their most skilled ninja, due to his more violent attitude and ambition compared to Kage, their master decided to appoint Kage as the pilot of the Aleste, their finest Robo Warrior, angering Tetsu who left their clan and promised revenge. Tetsu then joins the Anti-Oda Alliance, who provides him with the resources to build his own Robo Warrior, the Hiryu, so he attacks his own village and kills his former master, only to be confronted by Kage and getting defeated, so he retreats, promising he will kill him and take his Aleste.

Tetsu improves his Hiryu and confronts Kage again, but is once again defeated. Enraged, he decides to build a new, ultra-powerful Robo Warrior with which he could finally exact his revenge. To test his new robot's powers he destroys an entire village, killing all of its residents. Saeba, one of the survivors, attacks Kage beliving he was the one responsible, but Tetsu surprises both with his new Karyu Robo Warrior, shooting down Saeba's Yashihime and taunting Kage to go after him.

After Kage invades Mouri's palace and defeats Motonari Mouri he enters the alternate dimension where Astaros, the leader of the Alliance, resided, but Tetsu intercepts him and confronts him. Upon being defeated for the last time Tetsu tells kage to listen to Astaros's words before dying.

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