Sylphia (シルフィア) is a shoot 'em up game developed by Compile and published by Tonkin House for the Turbo CD in 1993. Despite being developed by Compile, the company is never credited anywhere in the game, though their key staff are mentioned in the credits sequence.

While not connected to the Aleste series, Sylphia retains most of Aleste's gameplay elements, while changing the setting to a fantasy/mythological one.


A long time ago, when human beings and gods lived together...

The king of the deep underworld, Hades, who ruled over the wicked ones who were once defeated by the gods, revolted against the heavenly gods. Zeus and the gods of Olympus, who had fallen in disarray had no choice but to set the boundaries in the heavenly world and wait for everything to return to what it once was...

On the overworld, Hades army was left unchecked and continued it's attack. However, there was a girl who bravely challenged them alone. But even her courage was not enough against their overwhelming power, and so she fell to their blade. But then, a glowing sphere appeared out of nowhere and engulfed her body. The light was the light of hope, containing the last of the power of Zeus and the gods, which was entrusted to one brave girl - the powers of fire, wind, water and earth which governs the world.

Fusing with the spirit's force, she is revived as a fairy figure, for a long and hard fight against the Hades forces...


Players control Silphia, who can equip herself with four different elemental weapons. Like in other Compile shooters, her weapons can be powered by picking up powerup chips or by picking another icon of the currently equipped weapon, which are all dropped by item carriers. She can also use a smart bomb with limited ammunition. Enemies will often drop mirrors, which will fill a gauge on the bottom right of the screen and grant Silphia an additional bomb once filled up.

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