Senjin Aleste (戦刃アレスタ, War Blade Aleste) is an upcoming sequel for the Aleste series, with no release date confirmed. It will initially be released on Sega's ALL.Net P-ras MULTI Ver. 3 Arcade service, marking the first time an Aleste game is released for Arcades, with no console ports confirmed at the moment. The game will also be part of M2's ShootTrigger series.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Senjin Aleste features a new gameplay system compared to previous titles, with the player having access to four different ships and being able to swap between them during gameplay, with each ship having its own unique weapons. Lives are tied to the ships, with each ship counting as one life, the game ending when all four ships are lost.[1]

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Development[edit | edit source]

The game was initially announced in February 2020 at the JAEPO 2020 event, with the working title of "Senjin".[2] In a live stream in 31 January, 2021, M2 confirmed the game's full title as Senjin Aleste, showing the first screenshots of the game.[3]

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