Raymond Waizen is the protagonist in the MSX version of Aleste and Aleste Gaiden.

In the original Aleste, Ray decides to fight the Mu Plants created by DIA51 after his girlfriend Yuri Lennox is gravely injured during the plants rampage. While she is taken to the hospital Ray takes off on the Aleste Fighter to destroy the rogue computer. After DIA51 is destroyed Ray marries Yuri and the two have a daughter, Ellinor Waizen. Years later Ray becomes the captain of the Aleste forces, leading an expedition to explore the space. However, Ray's space vessel is intercepted and destroyed by the Vegant, leaving it to his daughter Ellinor to save Earth and avenge his death.

In Aleste Gaiden, which takes place on an alternate reality, Ray wears a robotic ninja suit to fight the people brainwashed by this reality's version of DIA51.


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