Nobunaga Oda is a major character and the true villain from Robo Aleste.


Nobunaga was one of the dominant warlords during the Sengoku period and the lord of the Owari province. Thanks to a aggressive combination of warfare and diplomacy, Nobunaga was able to quickly expand his influence over the neighboring provinces. In response, the Anti-Oda Alliance is formed by six of the other dominant warlords, under the leadership of Motonari Mouri, to contain Nobunaga's rapid advance.

The tide of the war starts to turn when Dosan Saito, Nobunaga's only remaining ally, is assassinated by his own son. Seizing the opportunity, the Alliance mobilizes all of its forces and manage to surround Nobunaga's forces. On the brink of defeat, Nobunaga calls upon his trump card: the White Fang clan, which lived in seclusion on the northern Hakuga village, and employed the strongest of all Robo Warriors.

Kage Okami, one of the White Fang ninjas and pilot of the Aleste, fights against the Alliance in Nobunaga's name and stops their advance, finally confronting their mysterious leader Astaros in another dimension. However, Astaros reveals to him that Nobunaga was actually the incarnation of the Devil and that his real plan was to take over and destroy the entire world, urging Kage to kill Nobunaga. Realizing what Astaros said was true Kage attacks Oda's palace, which is set ablaze as Nobunaga dies amidst the flames.

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