Kage Okami is the protagonist from Robo Aleste.


Kage was a war orphan who was adopted by Garyosai, the master of the White Fang ninja clan. He was raised alongside Tetsu Kurogane, another war orphan, both of them being trained as ninjas and considering each other as brothers. But whereas Tetsu had strong ambitions, Kage had a strong sense of loyalty and love for nature.

As the two grew older, Kage was chosen to pilot the Aleste, the finest of the White Fang's Robo Warriors, causing Tetsu to become jealous and leave the clan. Some time later Nobunaga Oda called upon the White Fang's services to stop the advance of the Anti-Oda Alliance, which Kage was happy to oblige. As he took out on the Aleste, however, he found their village destroyed and was confronted by Tetsu, who had returned and killed their master.

During his fight against the Alliance, Kage hears about Astaros, the mysterious figure who was controlling it, and confronts Tetsu again, who was determined to defeat Kage by all means. Kage eventually defeats Tetsu, who tells him to listen to Astaros's words before dying. Upon confronting Astaros, she warns him that Nobunaga was his true enemy, but Kage refuses to listen and fights her. Once she is defeated she reveals Nobunaga's true plans and urges Kage to kill him, as he was now the only one able to stop him. Realizing what Astaros said was true Kage attacks Oda's palace, which is set ablaze as Nobunaga dies amidst the flames.

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