Gun-Nac (ガンナック) is a shoot 'em up video game developed by Compile and published by Tonkin House for the Nintendo Entertainment System. The game was released in Japan on October 5, 1990 and in North America in September 1991. It is a parody/semi-sequel to Zanac, featuring comical-styled enemies and bosses.


Once again, the story varies between the Japanese and western versions of the game. Though both versions have the same premise, the Japanese version features a Shinto priestess as the main character, but all references to her are removed in the English version of the game.

American versionEdit

Far, far, far, far, far, far, far, far, far, far away. Really far away. So far away, that it is difficult to imagine... In fact, it is downright difficult to believe. A place so far, in fact, that it lies on one side of the universe while we on Earth exist on the other. That's far.

In this faraway land one of the more popular and peaceful places to live in the Universe was within the Galactic Federation in the solar system of IOTA Synthetica.

Over a great deal of time, the Galactic Federation created a series of synthetic solar systems based upon artificially-made Stars. All of these synthetic solar systems were very hip, upscale and prosperous in comparison to the Universal economy.

When it came to solar systems, IOTA Synthetica was the hippest of the hip, the uppest of the up... the coolest of the cool. Until one day a strange sort of cosmic energy field engulfed IOTA Synthetica, consuming all life. The most ridiculous things were happening. The people of IOTA Synthetica were no longer safe - not even in their own homes. This evil energy field mysteriously brought ordinary inanimate objects to live and changed seemingly harmless animals into oversized rabid creatures! Virtually overnight, everyday household items, plants, animals, and products produced within the factories started attacking all the inhabitants of the IOTA Synthetica Solar System.

The Galactic Federation, realizing the problems was far too big for them, has summoned Commander Gun-Nac, Son of the Legendary Xan, as their only hope to save IOTA Synthetica from destruction by this totally bizarre cosmic force.

Commander Gun-Nac, a renegade by nature, is often difficult to find as he is constantly traveling in his spare time from Galaxy to Galaxy on his quest to become the greatest Video Game Player of the Universe... An endeavor we at ASCII hold in high esteem. So as a public service message, we are publishing an official copy of the Galactic Federation's official order for Commander Gun-Nac to report to duty and fulfill his assignment.

| Official orders | | Galactic Federation Unlimited | Ministry of Defense | Quadrant: Alpha Control Biosphere | Lasertrans: 714/373/2054 | | Supreme Directive PIH-DR3-COPB | | To: Commandant Gun-Nac | Code: Red | Mission: Destroy mysterious cosmic energy field present in vicinity of Iota | Synthetica Solar System | | Objectives: | - INFILTRATE all eight planetary areas. | - ELIMINATE dangerous objects and life-forms. | - DESTROY all Boss Monsters. | - Take NO prisoners! | - Show NO mercy! | | The people of Iota Synthetica depend upon your every Success. May the | Galactic Federation and may some Schmaltz be with you.

The truth of the matter is that the Galactic Federation is paying us big bucks to produce this video game with Commander Gun-Nac's name on it. Think about it... Wouldn't you buy a video game if it had your name on it? After all, Commander Gun-Nac could be on our planet right now, checking out the Nintendo Entertainment System. And if Gun-Nac was on Earth, walking through the video game section of a store and saw his name on a game-pak, you know he'd realize someone, somewhere is trying to get in touch with him real bad!

Japanese versionEdit

In the year 2001 of the Eastern calendar, on the peaceful Jinhe star system, which consisted of seven planets and an artificial sun...

That peace, however, wasn't going to last. Since August 1st of this year, satellite antennas used for broadcasting around the world were being destroyed by someone. In addition, many unusual phenomena started to occur, such as products and machines suddenly going berserk and attacking people.

At 1:23 pm on August 3rd, the courier spacecraft Shironeko Yamato, carrying products from the moon's stars to the planets, mysteriously exploded, worsening the situation. In light of the situation, King Doskin, president of Ball Planet's Division, established a task force and issued a survey order to the Ball Planet's Defense Force.

However, despite their investigations they could not find the cause of these anomalies and the task force was not enough. But suddenly, during the planet's 15th Summit, the world's best Mage appeared.

"The cause of these anomalies is not from a regular enemy. We can't win against an opponent with the advantage."

"But then, what should we do?"

"We should call forth from a power from another world!"

Starting a ritual, the Mage opens up a portal to another dimension and is engulfed in a powerful light. As the light fades away, she appears inside of a spaceship. And so, she launches into battle to fight the mysterious enemies threatening the worlds.


Gun-Nac retains some of the gameplay systems from previous Compile titles while adding some new ones. While your Gun-Nac Starfighter still has multiple weapons to choose, there are no secondary weapons as new weapons replace your regular shots when picked up. (This system would later be used in Super Aleste) In addition to the regular weapons your ship also has limited use smart bombs which are activated with the second button.

The Gun-Nac powers up much like in other Compile shooters, by picking up P-chips or another icon of the currently equipped weapon, all of which are dropped by formations of enemies or Randars. In addition to power-ups players can also pick up money, which can be spent on shops in between stages.

Stages and BossesEdit

1 Luna Star Rabbit's Talatta
2 Fire StarOtokuyo's Value MatchMoving King Kaifudo
3 Aqua Star Octopus's Rock-chan
4 Tree Star
5 Gold Star
6 Clay Star
7 Sun Star
8 Sun Star Interior


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