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GG Aleste 3 (GGアレスタ3) is a sequel for the Aleste series and a direct followup to GG Aleste II, released in December 2020 as a special bonus included on the Aleste Collection for the Sony PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch and as part of the limited edition Game Gear Micro included with the premium edition of the collection. The game was developed as a true Game Gear game, not being a simple recreation of the system's technical aspects.


A storm of cyber attacks ...!

The terrorist organization that seized power and military power on the Earth in just a few hours hacked the surrounding satellites and stations one after another.

At the Earth Orbital Army Lunar Defense Corps "MOON CHILD" base, just before the fall, only one Aleste succeeded in the sortie. The passenger is Luna Waizen, a pilot candidate under final examination.

-Aleste, the "lightning arrester" of Earth.


Stages and Bosses[]

Stage Name Boss
1 Hacking Storm
2 Last Messiah
3 Terra Diver
4 Perfect Rage
5 Lunar Crisis
6 Whale Cry
7 Deeper Into Abyss



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