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Compile Co., Ltd. (株式会社コンパイル) was a Japanese video game developer founded in 7 April of 1982. The company was mainly known for its Puyo Puyo puzzle series, as well as it's many shoot 'em up games developed for consoles and japanese computers. The company also published the Disc Station magazine, which came with discs contaning exclusive games and demos for the MSX, PC-98 and Windows 95. Most of their games were published by other companies, such as Sega, Pony Canon, Tonkin House and Toho.

During the second half of the 90's Compile began accumulating debts as their new games outside of the Puyo Puyo series all flopped, resulting in much of their staff moving to other companies such as Eighting and Raizing. In order to pay their debts, they eventually sold the rights to Puyo Puyo to Sega, though that still wasn't enough to save the company, which eventually dissolved in 2003. The remaining staff founded other companies, such as Milestone Inc and Aiky, all of which eventually folded into Compile Heart, which currently owns the rights to Compile's intellectual property.

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