Aleste Gaiden (アレスタ外伝) is a vertical shoot 'em up video game developed by Compile in 1989. It was released onto MSX2 in Japan only. It was originally released as part of the Disc Station Special Vol. 4. As it's title implies, it is a spin-off which retells the story of the first game in a different setting.


Since the outbreak of a massive earthquake triggered by two meteors, in the end-century city of Muromachi City, a series of incidents happened where regular people suddenly began to go berserk.

At the same time, strange rumors began to flow in Muromachi City. It is said that someone calling himself an "Aleste", wearing an outfit like an old "Ninja", is beating down these berserk people one after another.

Well, what could be causing this mysterious incident in Muromachi City? And who is this mysterious "Aleste" person?


Unlike in the original Aleste, you are not controlling a spaceship, but instead you're controlling a robot. However, like Aleste, you can shoot enemies, enemies can shoot you, collect power ups, and defeat bosses at the end of a level. However, new to this game is the ability to jump over holes in the ground. This adds a new challenge to the game. In some levels, there are even obstacles like cars that you have to avoid. Power ups range from one that clones yourself and can fire lasers with you, one that replaces your default laser with shurikens. One replaces your default weapon and instead shoots red targets that go in a zig-zag. This laser has a possiblity of shooting enemies. The kinds of power-ups are marked by the color of their box-containers and the Japanese letter on them.


Note: Names in italic are unofficial.

1 Heated HighwayDefense Wall
2 In the TownMace Warrior
3 In the ForestWinged Warrior
4 Stone StepsSpear Trio
5 Ceiling NestDIA51


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