The Aleste Fighter is the player ship from Aleste.


1 Directional ShotFires in the direction of the ship's movement. It is Aleste's standard weapon and has unlimited ammo.
2 Web GunStores energy in front of the ship as the button is held down, shooting a concentrated plasma blast upon releasing the button.
3 Laser CannonShoots a laser beam forwards.
4 Rolling FireGenerates a energy ball which rotates around the ship. Creates more balls at higher levels.
5 Homing FlameShoots a spinning energy ball which tracks down enemies.
6 Swing WebShoots a continuous beam which arcs left and right as you move the ship sideways. Can hit ground targets and enemy bullets.
7 Plasma BallCreates a large ball of energy in front of the ship, which works like a shield.
8 Wipe laserShoots a laser which swings left and right as it ascends.


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