The Aleste Dennin is the player ship from Robo Aleste.

Details[edit | edit source]

The Aleste is a powerful Robo Warrior under lord Nobunaga Oda and one of many which was kept hidden on the northern Hakuga village. Under the control of Kage Okami, the Aleste was employed by the Iga Ninjas of Hakuga, which were Oda's trump card to be used on times of crisis.

One of the finest Robo Warriors ever produced, the Aleste carries two shoulder mounted generators with 60000 horsepower, and like many of these units it can act completely silent despite its large size. Its insides are completely chained, while its decorations are made of leather.

Weaponry[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description Screenshot
RoboAlestePowerIcon.gif Main Shot Aleste's main shot, it changes from kunais to fireballs the more powerful it gets. Holding the fire button charges the Aleste's bits, which are launched forward when the button is released. RoboAlesteMainShot.png
RoboAlesteRedIcon.png Bakuryu Housenka
(Exploding Flower)
Launches a barrage of small bombs to the sides which explode on impact. RoboAlesteExplodingFlower.png
RoboAlesteGreenIcon.png Fuuma Shuriken
(Ninja Star)
Shoots a spread of shurikens to the sides. RoboAlesteNinjaStar.png
RoboAlesteBlueIcon.png Raisen Ha
(Lightning Flash)
Shoots powerful laser beams to the front. RoboAlesteLightningFlash.png
RoboAlesteYellowIcon.png Hiei Meppujin
(Flying Shadow)
The bits are energized and both rotate around the ship and track down enemies. RoboAlesteFlyingShadow.png
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