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Aleste Branch (アレスタブランチ) is an upcoming sequel for the Aleste series, currently slated for release in early 2022.


The game was first announced in November 2018, being developed by M2 to commemorate the 30 year anniversary of the franchise.[1] In June 2019 the game's official title was confirmed, with the character design of Ellinor Waizen by illustrator Eiji Komato also being shown[2], while the new player ship, the Aleste Dragoon, was revealed during the Japan Wonder Festival in July 2019[3]. Additional information about the game was unveiled in September 7, 2019 during a special event in Akibahara, Japan, such as the game being designed with console-style difficulty in mind, as well as the ship's design being affected by the currently equipped weapon.[4]

The first screenshots were revealed in 27 November, 2019, in a translation of a interview for the German magazine M! Games published on the site Usgamer.[5] In-game footage of the game was planned to be unveiled in late December of the same year, but M2 went silent on the project until 16 September, 2020, when M2 showed the first gameplay footage of the game during a live stream on their channel.[6] In 22 December, 2021, M2 finally announced the initial release date of the game for early 2022, posting the game's first preview on YouTube.[7]


  • Naoki Horii - Planning
  • Highma Fuyuno - Planning, graphical design
  • Masato Yamanaka - Programming, game design
  • Keiji Takeuchi - Music and sound design
  • Eiji Komatsu - Character design