Aleste 2 (アレスタ2) is a vertical-shoot 'em up video game devoloped and published by Compile in 1989. It is a direct sequel to Aleste. Unlike the original, which had internation releases (albeit in different names), Aleste 2 was only released in Japan.


Human plant evolution system Vegant. It is a living entity that instills life on viable planets of living beings while wandering through space, and continues to work with the breeding organisms as a food source.

During the confusion caused by the group of malformed plants that broke out in 2019 AD, Vegant identified the mature ESP species as a mature crop harvest sign and approached the Earth's sphere, with the strong ESP wave emitted from the center of the environmental healing system DIA51. However, the evolution of the Earth's life was much more than their expectations.

In 2039 AD, the Vegant invasion forces dropped powerful mobile weapons and parasitic plants on the Earth, while their fleet also began to descend. The Earth Defense Agency's response to the invasion was insufficient, and the former Aleste forces led by Colonel Waizen were defeated, with the destruction of the global environment becoming a matter of time.

However, the Defense Forces Central Development Research Department selected the test pilot of the SDAS (Sensor Direct Access System) project, Major General Ellinor Waizen, to serve as the main pilot for the Aleste 2, deciding to conduct a solo operation.

Since SDAS has been repeatedly tested to this point using Ellinor Waizen's response pattern, only her could demonstrate the performance of Aleste 2 to maximum. And so it launches. Aleste 2 carries out the fortunes of the Earth with it.


Like the first Aleste, you control a spaceship that flies across a scrolling land. The level's difficulty depends on the enemies in the levels themselves. The player can shoot lasers that can hit enemies depending on their aim. The enemies can shoot at the player as well, When the player gets enough hits from enemies, the player dies. If they have atleast one life, they can restart the level. The player can collect more lives, which are shown on the top center of the screen along with other numbers representing various meanings. If the player has no more lives left, it's game over.



1 CarnivoreVerglan
2 City BattleB90 Gickant
3 Corrupt SeaOp Thorb
4 ConvectionVallantus
5 Cruel SeaBarside
6 Cancerous CityOp Thorb
7 Conspiracynone
8 CulminationGaizel


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