Aleste is a shoot 'em up video game devoloped by Compile in 1988. It was first released onto the SEGA Master System. It later got released on the MSX2 and the Wii Virtual Console only in Japan. It also got a release on the Java Midlet only in Europe. It is a side-scroller shooter like the rest of the games in the Aleste series. The game takes many inspirations from Compile's earlier work, Zanac, from themes to gameplay elements. On the US and EU Master System versions, the game was re-titled to "Power Strike".


The story varies slightly between the SMS and MSX versions of the game, though both involve the supercomputer DIA51 going haywire. While the SMS version is set on the far future in another planet, the MSX version is set on modern day Earth. The MSX version also introduces an actual protagonist, Raymond Waizen, as the pilot of the Aleste Fighter.

SMS versionEdit

On Space Year 9180, the planet Rimar entrusts all of it's environmental maintenace to the giant super computer DIA51. One day, when DIA51 was doing genetic engineering to generate new plants for oxygen systhesis, a large earthquake suddenly occurred. The vibration at that time caused a deviation in the data of DIA51 and changed the DNA sequence of the gene. However, everyone was distracted by the earthquake, and no one noticed any data outrage. And it seemed as if nothing had changed for a while...

Some time after the great earthquake, an observer suddenly reported an abnormal signal from DIA51, signifying that DIA51's operations were going haywire. It was observed that the surface temperature was rising rapidly, and that communication with the defense bases in the area where DIA51 was located was also interrupted.

The planetary government immediately asked the Emergency Investigation Bureau to investigate the cause. In order to answer to the sudden threat, the Bureau decided to dispatch the latest Aleste Fighter. However, on it's way there were Mu Plants which evolved due to computer anomalies. Moreover, the plants had intelligence, being able to infest the human brain and manipulate the host freely. As it turned out, the plants were coming from DIA51. It was evolving the plants and making various weapons of destruction. The only way to control the Mu Plants was to invade their fortress and destroy DIA51.


The game is a vertical shoot 'em up. The player can move all around the screen but is manually pulled vertically over the scrolling background. The player can shoot enemies, and the enmies can shoot as you as well, which will decrease your health. Enemies are based off the strengh and progress of the player.

Stages and BossesEdit

EX* Night on City Mu Plants
1 Aleste Takeoff Ground Base
2 Deep ForestDynamon TraiterGround Base
3 Great RiverTraiter RuggGround Base
4 Mu-PlantManiac TraiterMu Plants
EX* Hyper Battle none
5 InvadedRe-TraiterGround Base
6 DIA51 HQ DIA51
EX** Special Stage Ground Base

*Stages exclusive to the MSX version.
**The Special Stage can be accessed after beating the game and choosing to continue.



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