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The AF-68030 Aleste is the player ship from Aleste.


  • Length: 17.68m
  • Width 12.56m (incl. aerofoil tips ECM/ECCM pods)
  • Height 5.12m
  • Weight 25,600 kg
  • Engine: RR Black Beast V/STOL engine (10,240 kg, A/B16, 144kg VTOL time 8,386 kg) x 2
  • Top Speed: M=4.0 (11,000m), M=2.0 (150m)
  • Top Battle Altitude: 35,000m NOE flight time 100m
  • Ilfreet Special Weapon System Hardware Point x3
  • Crew: x1


At the present time, the Defense Organization’s mainstay consists of F-57 type heavy tactical fighters. The F-57 fighters are multi-functional, as they can be used for all kinds of missions, such as air superiority, ground support, recon, electronic warfare, etc. With the establishment of the Joint Earth Defense Organization, however, development of a heavy tactical fighter that could be used for almost every mission became necessary.

The Joint Earth Defense Organization presented the following requirements to all developers:

  1. Attaining and preserving air superiority. A range of 2,500 miles including at least twenty minutes of battle (full afterburner) in the target area at an altitude of 4,000 ft using only the internal fuel. One laser gun as a weapon and hardware points that make it possible to change weapons if the mission requires so.
  2. Protection from attacks from all regions. Patrolling 500-1,500 miles from the Defense Organization’s base to protect against air, land, sea and submarine attacks and patrolling for two hours without having an external fuel tank equipped.
  3. Close air support/ground attack. Special weapons with air and ground battle capabilities that can be changed to fit every situation. The capability to fly at least 800 miles, fight a surface battle for 10 minutes and then fly the distance of 800 miles back again.

The following items were requested:

  1. The ability to react to enemy ECM/SAM/AAM with a crew of one person;
  2. High safety, effectivity and weapon load while using two engines. VTOL ability had to be present;
  3. State-of-the-art weapon control system enabling control of multiple special weapons;
  4. One laser weapon;
  5. An operational weight limit (with a full weapons loadout) that surpasses the F-57 fighter’s capability;
  6. New types of hardware points, allowing various special weapons to be mounted.

In response to these requirements, the developers came with the AF-68 heavy tactical fighter. The basic design was finished five years after the Joint Earth Defense Organization had given their presentation to the development team (which consisted of representatives of all development companies). As the fighter in the basic design of the AF-68 resembled the RAFALE series, development and trial manufacturing went very smoothly. At the current stage, a series of tests of the experimental AF-68001 to AF-68030 have been completed and large scale production will begin at latest this year.

One problem area in the AF-68’s development was a series of special weapon systems. The development of the weapons and the hardware points that enable their operational use did not go smoothly. In early stages of development, it was proposed to change the ship’s shape to make the arms system fit. One plan involved designing the craft to the likeness of an infantry soldier, with various weapon systems mounted on its arms, but this plan was not realized as there were problems in vital fields like speed and handling. The Ilfreet Module System did meet the specifications. This weapon system was designed to be completely modular, simplifying the process of switching and expanding weapons. This made the AF-68030 the ultimate fighter, with the ability to change weapons in mid-air or in battle.


Number Name Description
1 Directional Shot Fires in the direction of the ship's movement. It is Aleste's standard weapon and has unlimited ammo.
2 Web Gun Stores energy in front of the ship as the button is held down, shooting a concentrated plasma blast upon releasing the button.
3 Laser Cannon Shoots a laser beam forwards.
4 Rolling Fire Generates a energy ball which rotates around the ship. Creates more balls at higher levels.
5 Homing Flame Shoots a spinning energy ball which tracks down enemies.
6 Swing Web Shoots a continuous beam which arcs left and right as you move the ship sideways. Can hit ground targets and enemy bullets.
7 Plasma Ball Creates a large ball of energy in front of the ship, which works like a shield.
8 Wipe laser Shoots a laser which swings left and right as it ascends.